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diverse speakers for your events.

VOE bridges the gap between emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries seeking their insights.
Expand your network, leverage new perspectives, and drive innovation with VOE.

Bridging the gap
between diversity and industry expertise.

At VOE, we believe that a diverse perspective is key to innovation. We connect emerging thought-leaders from varied backgrounds with the industries that need their expertise. Our services offer a unique approach to consultancy, fostering collaboration and breaking down barriers for a more inclusive future.

Meet Our Curated Network of Champions and Thought Leaders

Ignite Inspiration with Empowering Events

Elevate your team's thinking and inspire meaningful action with curated events. Featuring thought-provoking speakers, our events empower, educate, and inspire teams. Connect with emerging diverse thought-leaders and industry experts today to ignite a spark of inspiration.

Amplify your thought leadership with strategic planning.

The right speaker can transform an event.
With VOE, we identify and secure diverse thought-leaders
who are experts in their fields to bring a fresh perspective to your industry. We also refine speaking topics to ensure relevancy and maximum impact.

Smooth sailing through the intricacies of contract negotiation.

Contract negotiations can be daunting and time-consuming.
VOE takes this burden off your shoulders, providing you with expert admin support throughout the booking process, including fee negotiations and calendar management.

Unstoppable Conversations: Our Top Topics

- Leadership - Artificial Intelligence
- Menopause - Community Building
- Founder Life - Sustainability
- Careers - Storytelling
- Financial Wellbeing - Entrepreneurship
- Equality & Inclusion - Neurodiversity
- Health Wellbeing & Mindfullness
- Mental Health - Innovation

Connect with the voices shaping tomorrow.

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